Bastion is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is building an intentionally designed neighborhood in New Orleans for returning warriors and families with lifelong rehabilitative needs. Through our powerful community model that empowers neighbors as volunteers in a warrior’s care plan, we will sustain a thriving recovery from the wounds and casualties of war.


Today, our combat veterans are surviving life-threatening injuries at a much higher rate. While the transition from military to civilian society would be challenging for anyone, it is especially difficult for warriors and their loved ones who require special assistance—whether it be total care or a supportive living environment.

All too frequently, our warriors and caregivers must navigate the transition with little knowledge, skills, or systems in place to ensure their success. Many continue to struggle without basic supports and comprehensive care


Intentional Environment

Warriors and families will live in a planned community alongside other purpose-driven adults. The community will be designed to foster informal neighboring and enduring relationships. Our goal is for residents to maximize independence in the home and age in place.

Community-Based Support

From mentorship to meal preparation, we will leverage human capital to create layers of social and instrumental support. Our volunteer program will equip residents to assist professionals and caregivers implement individualized care plans, and every resident will benefit from helping others— promoting personal wellness and life satisfaction.

Person-Centered Services

Residents will benefit from the support of dedicated staff provided by Mercy TM.

Property Management

Bastion will help integrate newcomers and maintain homes in partnership with Reanaissance.

Professional Partnerships

Bastion will be connected to a network of clinical providers that offer critical professional services.

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Contact Info:

Contact Info:

Bastion Community of Resilience

7506 Zimpel St.

New Orleans, Louisiana 70118


tel: 888.737.5577