KOH Needs

The Knights of Heroes has several needs as the program continues to grow.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these items for the program, please contact Steve Harrold at sjstharrold@hotmail.com. 

Item                                             Estimated Cost                          Donor                              
8-Man tent                                    $1,300                                      Air Force SOS Class11F
20 Backpacks                               $100/each                                Bill Doughty
Trailer                                            $2,000                                      Air Force SOS Class11F
20 Mountain Bikes                        $300/each                                Chris and Amy Hart
Sleeping bags                                $75/each                                 Andy and Stacy Morris
4 Water purification filters             $75/each                                  Lajes Field 9/11 Rembrance Run
7 Camp stoves                               $50/each                                 Lajes Field 9/11 Rembrance Run
14 foot flat bed trailer                    $1000                                       Combined Air Operations Center at Al Udied AB

6 seat ATV                                     $7,000