Moms Program

The Knights of Heroes premise of building relationships and offering character building experiences also extends to the moms of the campers. While the kids go to camp, the mothers are offered the opportunity to spend time with other women who have experienced a similar loss and are facing similar challenges in raising their children. It is a time for sharing, friendship, and laughter. They participate in planned activities such as horseback riding and white water rafting in addition to spending 'free time' with other moms and younger siblings. Participants stay at the same location creating an opportunity for relationships to grow. Knights of Heroes moms are a diverse group from all over the country, representing all branches of service and in all different stages of their journey. The friendships formed reach far beyond the week in Colorado.

Defining the Groups:

There are three groups of moms; first year, second year, and finally what we call the "veteran" moms, those that are returning for their third or more year.

1st and 2nd Year Moms:

First year moms attend the program with no responsibility and no cost. They take part in a structured program and are all lodged at the temporary lodging facility at the Air Force Academy. We typically invite 8-10 new moms each year.  An example schedule is as follows:

Saturday - arrival

Sunday - kids leave, group dinner and moms social

Monday - rafting

Tuesday - zoo tour

Wednesday - horseback riding

Thursday - Friday - free time

Saturday - farewell at camp

Sunday - departure

2nd Year Moms:

KOH covers airfare and lodging costs at the Air Force Academy TLFs.  There are no formally scheduled activities.  If someone from the 2nd year moms group would like to create a schedule, book activities and organize gatherings, they are welcome to do so.  2nd year moms are responsible for covering the cost of any activities they take part in during the week (rafting, horseback riding etc.).  There are no mandatory events or schedule to adhere to. 

Moms Attending for their 3rd or More Year:

Moms that have been enrolled for three or more years are no longer a part of the formal KOH program. They are invited to come to Colorado but they must cover their own expenses unless they raise $1,000 for the Knights of Heroes through fundraising events. Moms that raise $1,000 or more prior to 1 April will have their airfare covered by the foundation.  Moms will be kept apprised about fundraising opportunities through e-mails and our website. Hotel accommodations are not covered for veteran moms. All expenses will always be covered for the campers no matter how long they have been with the program. Veteran moms have the option of sending their campers unattended. Unattended campers will be picked up from the airport by camp staff and will stay the first and last night at Colorado College under the supervision of KOH mentors.