Eligibility Criteria

We are sorry to say that the 2018 Summer Camp has reach maximum capacity.  

We will begin accepting applications for the 2019 camp next Fall.  

Please closely review the eligibility criteria before applying.

The Knights of Heroes program is available to boys and girls who have lost their fathers in military service.  It is important that these children share a common bond, so the following eligibility criteria have been established:

       Father was Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard

       Father was the legal guardian of the child applying for camp

       Mother is not remarried (or have a live-in long term boyfriend) at the start of the child's first year at camp

       Minimum age - 10 years old or have completed the 5th grade

The focus of our program is to provide adult mentorship for children who have lost their father. This is the reason the program was created. We are not able to accommodate every family that applies to the program therefore, our focus must remain on those children who have no one in their lives to provide them the mentorship they are missing since the passing of their father. If your child has someone in their life to fill this role, we ask that you leave room for those without. Thank you for your understanding.

Application Process

Step 1: Complete camper application

Step 2: Application is reviewed by the board of directors

Step 3: Phone interview with camp staff (all moms and boys/girls over the age of 15)

Step 4: Notification of acceptance

Step 5: Completion of camper registration