The Knights of Heroes experience, as told by those who participate:

This organization goes above and beyond. My son and daughter both have attended and benefitted from this camp. They offer mentorship and guidance for children who have lost a parent due to world conflict. They also encourage the campers to return after they age out to be junior mentors in order to keep the program moving forward. This program is all about giving back, finding purpose, and having a great appreciation people and their communities through service projects. It's about not taking things for granted and showing respect and appreciation. This is a superior lead and organized foundation.


Abilene, Texas

My children and I started attending camp together in 2013 and we still love every single interaction and every summer or small group experience. The mentors stay in close contact with my children and they feel as if they have an extra adult they can reach out to if they need to. Forever grateful to camp and mentors!


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Where do I begin? My son started with Knights of Heroes a very shy and meek young man. After several years of personal goals the mentors set with these youth, they grow in spirit and confidence. KOH has provided my son with positive mentors, an amazing outdoor experience, and lifelong friendships, all in which I could not provide for him. These children greatly need this challenging experience, that encourages them to work hard throughout the year. At 16, my son has an outgoing personality and learns something new about himself with each experience. Thank you for this life changing program!!!


Houston, Texas

Another truly successful growing experience in my boys life all because of your incredible vision and tenacity! The words “thank you” cannot begin to articulate the appreciation and gratefulness I feel for this opportunity for my son, Wes. Once again, the growth, budding integrity, maturity , and understanding of what it means to become a man will continue to unfold throughout the coming year. And I will watch and guide him the best I can. Knowing that he has been reinforced with the same important values we subscribe to, will help me continue the job. He will surely draw from his experiences as he navigates the many hurdles and choices in this challenging time of growing up without the incredible guidance from the his father. The contribution that KOH has imparted on his character would have been nearly impossible to replicate or create on my own.


Branford, Connecticut

On behalf of our entire family I want to say thank you so very much for a second incredible week in Colorado with the Knights of Heroes. The opportunities this week provides for my children is invaluable. I look forward to the day that Meghan is old enough to participate fully as well and have the benefit of the outstanding male and female mentors you have assembled to help guide and educate our kids. They all had fun, but more importantly, I know they grew and learned and are better people for the experience. As long as you will keep having us, we will keep coming back. I can only imagine the level of work that this is for you and all the other members of KOH. Again, my sincere thank you to all of you. Please know the difference it is making in these kids lives. 

Best regards, 


Alexandria Virginia

There aren't enough words of thanks and blessings I can express for all the awesome things ya'll did for my Chris. He has a different way and spirit about him. It warms my heart knowing you and the great men of Knights have helped my son in healing his heart and his soul. He needed this venture more than he or I realized. They say the Lord will only put you in the place at the right time, well being in Colorado was that, a showing of Gods beautiful work at hand thru the great hearts and minds of awesome men like yourself and the others. I will do all I can to help in anyway I can to keep this program you have created going on for many young men of the future. Again "thank you" for the healing. God bless and our calendar is marked and ready. We miss Colorado already! 

Crystal and family

McDonough, Georgia

We had the best time!!!! Eric said this year was even better than last year! I overheard him talking to his friend yesterday on his cell phone and he told him that his favorite part of the whole week was the service project. I think it's a brilliant idea that the kids be part of building the camp when Knights Gets Their Own property! I can't thank you enough for eveything you do. I'm not sure that you and all the other board members fully realize how much this camp really means to us. It's even hard to put into words the positive impact you have and how much Eric looks forward to this every year. He has an incredible amount of respect for all of the mentors and for the camp. That may not sound like a big deal but sometimes for preteen Eric I don't always hear him talking so highly and respectfully of a group of people. I listened to him talk about it for a solid hour and a half when we got back to the hotel. I was so excited hearing his enthusium and pride about the camp and the compliments about him from you and Eric. Thanks a million for a fantastic week!! 



O'Fallon, Illinois

I want to thank you and all of the other guys for a wonderful week. Carson and I both had a great time. He can't stop talking about the camp, because he loved it! Thank you so much for everything you and the other guys did to make this camp such a success. Both of us benefited greatly from our experiences, and we're already looking forward to next year. Carson and I have been enjoying the local area since we left camp. We rode on the Cog Railway up to Pikes Peak yesterday, and had a wonderful time. We travel back to NC tomorrow. Once again, thank you so much for allowing Carson to attend the Knights of Hero camp. It's truly a blessing, and we're very grateful. 

Take Care and God Bless, 

Vanessa & Carson

Linden, North Carolina

My family and I cannot thank you enough for the entire experience. We can honestly say that we have never been through a week quite like that before. From the standpoint of being the longest without her husband, I thought that I would be offering all sorts of advice and I ended up on the receiving end for the majority of the week. I found myself surrounded by the most amazing women, so strong and admirable. The dynamics of which could only be pulled together by our Lord above. Every time I found myself seated in the van to drive to the next exciting destination, the conversations held similarities that consoled, inspired and amazed me. I am still reeling with the information taken in. 


Columbus, Georgia

I am a mother of five young children and found myself a widow after my husband was killed in action in Iraq. My two oldest are boys who were extremely close to their loving father. God has sustained us through many dark and difficult days. The Modern Day Knights camp in Colorado was one of those very special provisions He bestowed. My boys came home full of fun memories, lasting joy and purposed direction. The camp and its staff lovingly cared for and physically challenged my sons in a different way than I have been able to as their mother. Thank you for the privilege of allowing this special camp to continue to be a part of our lives. 


Phoenix, Arizona

Many thanks to you and the Knights of Heroes staff. Blake had an amazing time and benefited tremendously from the experience. He hasn't stopped talking about it since we left!. Caitlin and I both enjoyed ourselves as well. The opportunity to spend time with other surviving spouses was fun, as well as emotionally beneficial. It's a comfort to know we are not all alone in our life without our husbands. We are sincerely grateful for the opportunity you gave us all; your effort, generosity, and kindness have been a tremendous blessing to us. Thank you for all you did, as well as the support of the wives that helped make it possible. 


Ontario, California

On the evening of December 3, 2006 I received the knock on my door that every person with a loved one at war fears the most. With a simple paragraph that began with "on behalf of the Department of the Army, we regret to inform you" my family's lives were shattered into a million pieces. All of a sudden the life I so loved and the future I held so dear was simply...gone. Then the panic and fear set in. Suddenly I was left alone to raise three young boys. When their father was alive I had no doubt that they would become great men of honor- they had a wonderful role model to teach them. But now the responsibility fell solely on me. But I am a woman. I can do the Mom part but what about all the needs that can only be filled by a man? Boys need strong, faithful role models. They need that male guidance to ensure they become the best man they can be. Then our family received one of the greatest blessings to come our way following our tragedy. I was told of a camp being organized to help ease this burden. A camp where male mentors would take my boys under their wings and do 'guy' stuff with them, all the while teaching them essential character traits needed to become a man of honor. 

Nathan and Noah attended the Modern Day Knight's Camp in June. What happened there was life changing not only for them but for me as well. They faced challenges and overcame obstacles and learned to work as a team. They took guidance from these strong mentors and learned that it was ok to talk about the tragic loss of their father in THEIR time, in THEIR way. But most of all they walked away realizing that there were men out there who loved them and wanted to share in their life as they grow. My boys walked away feeling that they just might be able to trust again and that there WAS hope for the future. And this Mom left knowing that she wasn't going to have to do it alone.