These are the amazing organizations that help to make Knights of Heroes possible.  We cannot them enough for the support they have provided us over the years!

  • Freewheel Foundation (Ride430)

    Mesa, arizona

    The Freewheel Foundation (Ride430) is a fundraising bike ride.  The participants ride to raise money for KOH, Homes for Wounded Warriors, MARSOC Foundation and the Freewheel Foundation.  In 2012 they presented KOH with a check for $50,000, in 2013 and 2014, they donated $100,000 and in 2015, they donated $75,000.  In 2016 they donated $100,000 to KOH, making the Ride430 the largest Knights of Heroes donor.

  • Southwest Airlines

    Official Airline of the Knights of Heroes

    Southwest has sponsored Knights of Heroes since 2008.  In 2016, they provided free travel accommodations to 100 of our family members.  Every attendee that traveled on Southwest airlines arrived to camp without a single delay!  KOH was also a beneficiary of the 2016 Southwest Airlines LUV Classic Golf Tournament.  Southwest donated $125,000 to Knights of Heroes at the LUV Classic.

  • ASMBA Star Foundation

    Goodlettsville, Tennessee

    The mission of The ASMBA STAR Foundation is to improve the quality of life of the military service member, veterans and their families by contributing to those financial, educational, social, employment and medical needs unmet by the U.S. Government.  ASMBA has provided financial support to the Knights of Heroes every year since 2009.

  • Jordan spieth family foundation

    Inspired by his sister Ellie, Jordan Spieth fulfilled a lifelong dream by launching the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation. The focus of this charitable endeavor is to provide financial assistance and a platform for supporting children with special needs, military families and junior golf programs.  We are honored the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation has elected to make KOH one of the non-profits they support.  In 2016, the Foundation is sponsoring 25 campers.  In addition, they are sponsoring a cabin as a part of our Capital Campaign.  

  • FCI Constructors, Inc. is an employee-owned corporation specializing in providing the best construction management, general contracting, and construction related services with the highest level of client satisfaction. Founded in 1978 in Grand Junction, Colorado, our success was steadily built one satisfied client and successful project at a time. Today, FCI is noticed as one of the premier contractors in the Rocky Mountain region and southwestern United States.

    In 2016, FCI Constructors Inc hosted a charity golf tournament, raising $20,000 for the Knights of Heroes Foundation.

  • My Lineage

    San diego, california

    My Lineage creates lasting relationships with their customers by delivering the finest quality swords, armor and coat of arms products from all around the world, at competitive prices.  They have supported Knights of Heroes every year since 2012, by donating over $6,000 in family crests, daggers and swords each year.  These gifts punctuate a week long adventure for the campers that attend and serve as a lasting reminder of the values the program works to instill.

  • Air Compassion for Veterans

    Virginia Beach, virginia

    The mission and purpose of Air Compassion For Veterans (ACV) is to ensure that no financially-stressed wounded warrior, veteran, or their adversely affected family member(s) are denied the ability to access specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, counseling, rehabilitation, or any program that will promote healing and restoration for reintegration  into a productive life.  Since 2008, Air Compassion has supported Knights of Heroes with free travel for family members to attend the program from cities not served by Southwest Airlines.

  • Airpower Foundation

    Fort worth, texas

    The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with its roots dating back to 1958, when Air Force General Curtis LeMay and businessman/philanthropist Frank Kent created the Fort Worth Airpower Council dedicated to supporting the military community at Carswell Air Force Base.

    The mission of the Airpower Foundation has grown since the first Gulf War and is now a nationwide program dedicated to supporting active duty, reserve and National Guard families.  Airpower also supports projects to assist wounded warriors, veterans of previous wars and education projects like WWII Freedom Flights to make sure the next generation understands the honor and sacrifice of wearing the cloth of this country.

    In 2013, the Airpower Foundation donated $12,500 and in 2014, they donated $10,000 to Knights of Heroes.

  • Home Depot

    Home Depot has always been a strong supporter of veterans and their families.  After hearing of our recent property acquistion, they asked us to submit a list of materials required to prepare the land for the 2016 camp.  Within hours of our submittal, Home Depot sent a grant approval for $22,000 in materials.  Thank you Home Depot for being a leader in Veteran support!!

  • Triple S Products

    Overton, nebraska

    Triple S Products specializes in selling skid steer attachments and other equipment.  They partnered with the Knights of Heroes by pledging 5% of their gross sales in October, November and December of 2014.  By doing so they have raised awareness to our foundation in the construction and farming communities and other industries that have a need for their products.

  • Texas roadhouse

    monument, Colorado

    Texas Roadhouse has graciously donated and hosted the Knights of Heroes moms for a group dinner every year since 2007.