rocky mountain kids

The Knights of Heroes Foundation is partnering with Rocky Mountain Kids, a local non-profit organization that provides group homes to children awaiting placement in foster care or return to their families.  We are excited for the opportunity to open our doors to some great kids who need some positive encouragement and outdoor adventure.  Our plan is to host the kids for two work days at the camp.  if things go well, we hope to host the boys for a 2 or 3 day mini-camp next June.  To sign up below for the April work-day or June mini-camp.

April Rocky Mountain kids work day

13 April - This will be our second event with the Rocky Mountain Kids.  We will spend the day preparing the camp for the spring retreat.

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June rocky mountain kids mini-camp

This is a tentative event, pending the outcome of the first two work days.  If this happens, it will be held 7-9 June.  We will spend most of the time at the camp, ropes course, zip line, shooting, tomahawks, archery, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing.  You must have attended one of the Rocky Mountain Kids work days or a KOH summer camp to be eligible for this event.

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