1st - 3rd year Program

For the first three years, campers are paired up with another camper their same age, and these two campers are paired with a mentor.  The two campers and their mentor take part in exciting, outdoor adventure activities such as white water rafting, shooting, archery, rock climbing, high and low ropes course, horseback riding, water skiing, mountain biking, canoeing, fishing, hiking and much more.  The campers are also placed in age-based teams of 4-6 campers.  Our goal is to push kids outside of their comfort zone and are teach them to overcome their fears.  Succumbing to fear and allowing it to govern our lives limits potential.  It is our hope that children who attend KOH will learn the only limits they have, are the limits they place on themselves.  We also teach them that their loss is tragic, but, it should not define who they are and it should not create a sense of entitlement.