KOH Forms

  • Every camper must have a medical release form for camp.  It must be signed by a medical provider.

  • For some unknown reason, the State of Colorado requires everyone put their immunizations on this form.

  • Mentor medical history

    required for all mentors

    Must be completed and returned to camp doctor prior to start of camp

  • KOH Liability and media release form

    required for all everyone (campers, moms and younger siblings)

    This form must be completed for all campers, younger siblings and moms attending. This form must be returned prior to camp start - stand by for a new form!

  • Boys basic packing list

    required items for all boys

    This list in addition to the basic packing list provides required items for all boy High Adventure program attendees. Information only, does not need to be returned.

  • All boys in the high adventure program must bring these items in addition to the items listed in the boys packing list (above)

  • Girls basic packing list

    required for all girl attendees

    This is the basic packing list for all girls attending camp. Information only, does not need to be returned.

  • This form is required for all 1st through 3rd year campers.

  • This is required for all girls.

  • This is required for all campers.