Graduate Programs

We encourage our campers to stay engaged with Knights of Heroes long after they formally graduate from the program. We have found that some of the greatest challenges these kids will face are after they graduate from high school. We are committed to walking alongside these young men and women through ever stage of their lives.

  • Graduate Retreat   8 - 11 August 2019

    The Reality Check - Graduate Retreat is an opportunity for our young adult KOH graduates to return to the KOH camp and share their experiences, challenges and successes with the friends they created during the years they spent as campers at KOH.

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  • summer camp staff   13 - 21 July 2019

    If graduates desire an opportunity to serve as a KOH mentor, the process is as follows:

    - 1st year back to KOH summer camp - graduates will serve on a work crew. Work crews will arrive early to prep the camp, complete work projects at the camp during the week of the summer camp and stay late to tear down and clean up the camp.

    - 2nd year back to KOH summer camp - graduates will serve on staff. This can be as a part of the shooting, climbing, ropes course, kitchen or general staff.

    - 3rd year back to KOH summer camp - graduates will serve as junior mentors on a 1st - 3rd year team.

    - 4th year back to KOH summer camp - graduates are now full up mentors, assigned to two 1st- 3rd year campers.

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  • TNT Hunts

    KOH is partnering with TNT Hunts to offer hunting retreats for our graduates.  These 3-5 day events will be hosted at the TNT Specialty Hunts ranch near Scottsbluff Nebraska.  The dates and details for these events are still in the works.  The plan right now is to offer hunting, fishing and horseback riding retreats.  Please express your interest in any of the following events by selecting from the list.  This does not mean you are committed, we are gauging interest:

    Horseback riding/cattle wrangling

    Fly Fishing

    Duck hunting

    Deer Hunting

    Turkey Hunting