Graduate Programs

We encourage our campers to stay engaged with Knights of Heroes long after they formally graduate from the program. We have found that some of the greatest challenges these kids will face are after they graduate from high school. We are committed to walking alongside these young men and women through ever stage of their lives.

  • Richard v. gilbert - Graduate program director

    Richard Gilbert joined the United States Marine Corps after graduating high school in 2003. He was stationed in Camp Pendleton with the 3rd Battalion 1st Marines where he participated in the battle of Phantom Fury (Fallujah). He later became a member of the Scout/Sniper platoon and graduated from sniper school in 2005. Later he was injured in the line of duty and spent his last 2 years of active duty at Balboa Naval Hospital with the Wounded Warrior Battalion, where he was medically retired. Richard went on to obtain his bachelors degree at the University of California San Diego, where he founded the Student Veterans Resource Center. Richard spends most of his time in the outdoors or abroad and has traveled to 94 countries and all 7 continents. His most recent adventure includes spending a summer in Pakistan where he visited the compound that Osama Bin Laden died by the hands of SEAL Team 6.  Rich has a passion for service and has found his calling with the graduates of Knights of Heroes.

  • Graduate Retreat   30 July - 2 August 2021

    The Reality Check - Graduate Retreat is an opportunity for our young adult KOH graduates to return to the KOH camp and share their experiences, challenges and successes with the friends they created during the years they spent as campers at KOH.

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  • summer camp staff   10 - 17 July 2021

    If graduates desire an opportunity to serve as a KOH mentor, the process is as follows:

    - 1st year back to KOH summer camp - graduates will serve on a work crew. Work crews will arrive early to prep the camp, complete work projects at the camp during the week of the summer camp and stay late to tear down and clean up the camp.

    - 2nd year back to KOH summer camp - graduates will serve on staff. This can be as a part of the shooting, climbing, ropes course, kitchen or general staff.

    - 3rd year back to KOH summer camp - graduates will serve as junior mentors on a 1st - 3rd year team.

    - 4th year back to KOH summer camp - graduates are now full up mentors, assigned to two 1st- 3rd year campers.

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