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Welcome to the 2020 Knights of Heroes Summer Camp! 

This page will hopefully answer any questions you might have regarding the plan for this summer.

Here is the calendar of events for the 2020 summer camp:

11 July (Saturday) - Travel day for everyone

 - Mentor training 1700-2100 at KOH Camp

   -- Mentors should plan to arrive into Denver before 1400 or Colorado Springs before 1500

12 July (Sunday)

 - Mentor group meetings 0900-1130

 - Campers arrive at camp at noon

13 July - 18 July - week of rage

18 July (Saturday)

 - Farewell at KOH camp from 1000 - 1200

 - Mentors can depart on Saturday (preferably after the farewell)

 - Try and plan flights out of Denver after 1600 or Colorado Springs after 1500

19 July (Sunday) - Travel day for everyone who did not depart Saturday night

Mentors are responsible for their travel expenses to and from Colorado.  Once in Colorado, all expenses are covered by KOH to include meals and camp activities.

This list will provide you a pretty good idea of what to pack for camp:

Required items:

Sleeping bag rated 30 degrees or lower

Full set of thermal underwear

Hiking boots

Sandals (Tevas or similar sandals work well)

Hat (KOH hat will be provided)

3-5 pairs of socks

6-7 pair of underwear

3 pair of pants (convertible pants that have zip off legs and convert to shorts work well)

2 pair of shorts

4 KOH shirts (provided if you don't have them from previous years)

1-2 T-Shirts


Rain gear, top and bottom

Beanie (KOH beanie will be provided)

Fleece (KOH fleece will be provided)


Toiletry kit to include shampoo, soap, chapstick, sunscreen, bug repellant, etc

Towel and washcloth

Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries

Pencil and pen


Sunglasses with retaining strap

1-2 32oz water bottles or camelbak

Work gloves

Small backpack


Knife or leatherman

Personal effects: wallet, phone, etc


Optional Items:

Coffee Mug

Bible or book

Sleeping pad, foam or inflatable

Personal tent, hammock, etc

GoPro or camera

Climbing shoes and harness

Fishing pole and tackle

Survival equipment: matches, 550 cord, compass, etc

Please feel free to contact our program leaders if you have any additional questions.

Boys Program - Mike Barron (

Girls Program - Heather Reilly (

Once you have made your travel arrangements, please e-mail your flight info to  If you need a ride from the airport, we can help out with that as well.

Again, please contact me if you have any questions at all regarding camp.  Thank you for your commitment, this is going to be a fantastic week!!!!!!