1st Year Moms Info

Hello Moms,

This page provides 1st year moms everything they need to know about the Knights of Heroes Camp from the time you arrive at the airport in Denver.

Travel day is 11 July (Saturday).  Plan your flight to arrive in Denver between 12:00 and 4:00 pm if possible.  Once you get your luggage you will need to pick up your rental car at Enterprise.  If you have not made reservations, please do so at the following link (this is the only expense not covered by KOH):


Enter promo code:  L12GE43

The first evening will be spent getting to know the other families.  Expect the kids to be sleeping on the floor the first night. 

Sunday morning we will be picking up the kids from the AirBnBs around 9 AM.  

The following items are not allowed at camp (please ensure your kids do not pack these items):

- Electronic equipment (cell phones, games, etc.)

- Food of any kinds

- Drinks, except for water in a durable water bottle

After a week of raging at camp, we will have a farewell up a the KOH camp on Saturday.  Moms will all drive up to camp in their rental cars to arrive at 10:00 AM.  You will be reunited with your kids, take a tour of the camp and then you are free to go.  The mentors will be up at camp to share stories about the week.  If you can find a flight that departs Denver after 4 PM, feel free to depart on Saturday, otherwise, plan to depart Denver on Sunday.