What we do

Rocky Mountain Ascent serves at-risk youth in the Colorado community. We provide opportunities for healing and growth through outdoor recreation, wellness experiences, and life skills workshops. 



The first step toward self-actualization is understanding the value of who we are right now in this moment. From this place, the perception of personal growth shifts from a shame-driven chore to a celebration of our potential.

Each of us has something valuable to share with the world, and all it takes is one spark to find that value. We strive to support our youth in discovering their own unique path.

Within the backpack of our minds, what serves a relevant purpose, and what is leftover baggage we can leave at the trailhead? We strive to prepare each young individual with the proper skills and mindset to transition smoothly into adulthood, and provide the opportunity to release what no longer serves them.

Preparing for the path ahead is only the beginning. We strive for continuous support and mentorship throughout the journey. We offer internship opportunities for graduates of the program who wish to continue the growth process with us.