Recognize value, actualize potential

Our Mission

Rocky Mountain Ascent (RMA) provides outdoor recreation opportunities to at-risk youth in the Colorado community. We encourage youth toward self-actualization through positive adult mentorship, life-skills development, and self-challenge. We are committed to nurturing a sense of value and purpose in each individual.


Rocky Mountain Ascent (RMA) is a branch of the Knights of Heroes Foundation (KOH), a nonprofit organization that was started in 2007 in response to a growing need for positive adult mentorship for Gold Star Children. In 2018, KOH began hosting day and overnight trips for children from group homes in Colorado Springs. These visits sparked a passion in KOH volunteers, who have committed to expanding the program working with local youth in the foster care system. The summer of 2023 will be the first official operating season of Rocky Mountain Ascent with paid staff, and we plan to continue expanding the program as the mission of KOH naturally transitions toward serving at-risk youth.

Our Philosophy

Recognize value, actualize potential

The first step toward self-actualization is understanding the value of who we are right now in this moment. From this place, the perception of personal growth shifts from a shame-driven chore to a celebration of our potential.

  • Discover the trail

    Each of us has something valuable to share with the world, and all it takes is one spark to find that value. We strive to support our youth in discovering their own unique path.

  • Pack the gear

    Within the backpack of our minds, what serves a relevant purpose, and what is leftover baggage we can leave at the trailhead? We strive to prepare each young individual with the proper skills and mindset to transition smoothly into adulthood, and provide the opportunity to release what no longer serves them.

  • Support the climb

    Preparing for the path ahead is only the beginning. We strive for continuous support and mentorship throughout the journey ahead. We offer internship opportunities for graduates of the program who wish to continue the growth process with us.


  • Greyson Gilbert

    jordan eshbaugh

    Communications and Development Director

    Jordan is a graduate of KOH and has been involved since 2015. She is a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma and is currently pursuing a Master's of Nonprofit Administration from the University of Notre Dame. Jordan has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector. Her father, Sgt. Daniel Eshbaugh, was an active duty Oklahoma National Guardsman when he was killed in Iraq in 2008. 

  • Tanner Harrold

    tanner harrold

    Program Director

    Tanner has been working with KOH since its inception, and can't wait to begin this new chapter with RMA. Tanner is experienced in the field of outdoor programming and guiding. He received his BA in Psychology from Humboldt State University, where he planned and guided kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, backpacking, and surfing trips.

  • danny guy

    Danny has been volunteering with Knights of Heroes since 2015 as a mentor.  He has also been very involved with the work KOH has done with the programs we have offered the foster children since 2018.  Danny will be serving on the board of directors and will be involved with the day-to-day operations of RMA.

  • Steve Harrold

    steve harrold

    Steve started KOH in 2006 and has been running the day-to-day operations of the Foundation ever since.  He will be serving on the RMA board of directors and providing advice to the RMA leadership team.

how to donate to rocky mountain ascent

Secondary Title

Rocky Mountain Ascent is a branch of Knights of Heroes. Donations can be made for RMA through the KOH donation page.  Donations can also be sent to the KOH address at the bottom of this page.  Thank you for supporting this incredible adventure!

Program Wishlist

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Water Sports:

  • Paddle Board (used or new)
  • Sit-on-top Kayaks (used or new)
  • PFDs (New only)

Outdoor Games: