required for all campers

KOH Liability and Media Release

All campers, younger siblings, and parents attending must complete and submit this form prior to the start of camp. Stand by for a new form!

Camper Medical Release Form

Every camper must have a medical release form for camp.

It must be signed by a medical provider.

Camper Immunization Form

The State of Colorado requires everyone to fill out their immunizations on this form.

camper Rafting Form

This is required for all campers.

male camper forms

Boys Basic Packing List

Required items for all boys.

For your information only; does not need to be submitted to us.

Boys High Adventure Packing List

All boys in the high adventure program must bring these items in addition to the items from the boys' basic packing list.

Boys Mountain Biking Form

This form is required for all 1st through 3rd year campers.

female camper forms

Girls Basic Packing List

This is the basic packing list for all girls attending camp. For your information only; does not need to be submitted to us.

Girls Horseback Riding Form

Required for all girls.

camp mentor forms

Mentor Medical History form

Must be completed and returned to camp doctor prior to start of camp.

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shelly's story

koh makes an impact

My family and I cannot thank you enough for the entire experience. We can honestly say that we have never been through a week quite like that before. From the standpoint of being the longest without her husband, I thought that I would be offering all sorts of advice and I ended up on the receiving end for the majority of the week. I found myself surrounded by the most amazing women, so strong and admirable. The dynamics of which could only be pulled together by our Lord above. Every time I found myself seated in the van to drive to the next exciting destination, the conversations held similarities that consoled, inspired and amazed me. I am still reeling with the information taken in. 


Columbus, Georgia

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military family aid

Whether you need a peer support network, advice, information or assistance of any kind, you are not alone.

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