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eligibility criteria

Please email us for a link to the new family application.  

The Knights of Heroes program is available to boys and girls across the country who have lost a parent in service to our Nation. It is important that these children share a common bond.  The following eligibility criteria have been established:

  •        Parent was the legal guardian of the child applying for camp
  •        Mother or Father is not remarried
  •        Minimum age - 11 years old

*please note

Our programs were created to provide adult mentorship for children who have lost a parent. Due to the limited availability of resources, we are unable to accommodate every family that applies to the program; as such, our programs focus on children who have no one in their lives to provide them the mentorship they are missing since the passing of their parent.

If your child has someone in their life to fill this role, we ask that you please leave room for those without.

Thank you for your understanding.

Step 1

Obtain a referral from a family already participating in Knights of Heroes' programs, and complete a camper application

step 2

Take part in a phone interview with a KOH staff member to determine if KOH is the right program for the applicant.

step 3

New families receive a notification of acceptance via email and are invited to complete camper registration.

step 4

New families complete camper registration form and submit a $300 deposit that will be refunded when the family arrives at camp.  

Stefanie's story

KOH makes an impact

Where do I begin? My son started with Knights of Heroes a very shy and meek young man. After several years of personal goals the mentors set with these youth, they grow in spirit and confidence. KOH has provided my son with positive mentors, an amazing outdoor experience, and lifelong friendships, all in which I could not provide for him. These children greatly need this challenging experience, that encourages them to work hard throughout the year. At 16, my son has an outgoing personality and learns something new about himself with each experience. Thank you for this life changing program!!!


Houston, Texas

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Campers walking during the 2021 Winter Retreat
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