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On May 23, 2021, a team of five athletes from the Knights of Heroes family will be competing in the most grueling test of endurance ever created: the Ironman Tulsa.

Over the past 15 years, KOH has been alongside more than 100 young men and women as they navigated hardship and life as teens. Now that they have graduated the program and are off to college, the military or starting a trade, we've found they are still in need of mentorship and guidance. In 2018, the Foundation made a concerted effort to re-engage with our graduates by hosting an annual graduate retreat, and just this year, we appointed a program director to lead the graduate program to increase our involvement with our graduates. We feel that we can do so more for them.


The goal of the Ironman Tulsa team is raise $30,000 to fund the new 2021 graduate program events.  These events include snowboard excursions, canyoneering trips, internships, back country adventures and much more. Help us help our Knights of Heroes graduates by donating to our Knights of Heroes athletes in the 2021 Ironman Tulsa race.


meet the knights of heroes team

Two KOH graduates, two KOH mentors, and one long-time KOH supporter: we're a Knights of Heroes team, raising money to support our KOH family.  Please consider supporting KOH's mission by donating to one of our athletes.

  • Greyson Gilbert

    greyson gilbert

    Greyson has been with KOH since 2007.  One of the original 16 campers, he never missed a summer camp and following his graduation from the program, he returned as a mentor.  Greyson is an athletic beast, the likes of which have not been seen since the early days of Mike Tyson.  There is little doubt he will finish the race and then just decide to run the course backwards.  He will still finish before Steve gets out of the water.


    Click HERE to donate on behalf of Greyson.

  • Tanner Hartwick

    tanner hartwick

    Tanner has been with KOH since 2007 when he started as one of the original 16 campers.  Following his graduation from the program, he returned to mentor the next generation of campers.  We have little doubt Tanner will be the first athlete out of the water (out of the entire field of athletes).  Do not let his light hearted humor and at time goofy demeanor fool you, underneath lies a world class swimmer.  


    Click HERE to donate on behalf of Tanner.

  • danny guy

    Danny has been volunteering with KOH for six years.  He has served as a mentor at numerous KOH events.  Danny is not human.  His physical abilities are things people write books about.  We are not sure what planet he is from, but we are happy to have him on our team.  Someone needs to carry Steve across the finish line.


    Click HERE to donate on behalf of Danny

  • rick crossley

    Rick has never been to the KOH camp or even met any of the campers, but, he has a passion for the mission and is dedicated to supporting the cause.  Rick has been genetically altered to prevent any signs of aging.  There are those who say he is approaching 120 years old but shows no signs of being beyond the age of 20.  We won't know his true age until they write it on his leg on race day.  


    Click HERE to donate on behalf of Rick

  • Steve Harrold

    steve harrold

    Steve started KOH in 2006 and has been running the day to day operations of the Foundation ever since.  He is going through a crazy mid-life crisis (more like 2/3's life crisis).  He desperately wants to revisit his glory days of racing when he was younger.  Steve will turn 50 on 30 April and this is his attempt to feel young again.  There is little doubt this stunt will backfire and he will need Greyson or Danny to carry him through a majority of the run.


    Click HERE to donate on behalf of Steve