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The Knights of Heroes Foundation is offered at no cost to the families that attend.  This is possible through the generosity of our amazing donors.  Thank you choosing to support our amazing families!

All donations to the Knights of Heroes Foundation are tax deductible.  The online donation service will provide a donation receipt.  If you lose your receipt or require additional information about your donation, please feel free to contact us at (719) 964-3387 or

Alternatively, checks can be mailed to the address at the bottom of the website or on our Contact Us page. Please make checks payable to: "Knights of Heroes Foundation"

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ironman tulsa, virtual challenge

On May 23, 2021, a team of seven athletes from the Knights of Heroes family competed in the most grueling test of endurance ever created: the Ironman Tulsa.

Learn more here

In 2020, we launched an outdoor virtual challenge fundraiser to motivate our community to spend time outdoors while providing support to our programs for children who have lost a parent in service to our Nation.

While this isn't going on right now, we'll let you know when we launch this challenge again!

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Earn free points just for using the Bing search engine, and donate the points to the Knights of Heroes Foundation at no cost to you!

Simply select Knights of Heroes as your nonprofit of choice, and Microsoft will automatically convert the points into cash for KOH at the end of every month.

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 .5% of your purchase will go directly to Knights of Heroes Foundation, at no cost to you!

Simply designate Knights of Heroes as your charity when shopping, and Amazon will donate to KOH.

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Shop at over 3,000 online brands (like Macy's, Target, and more) and earn cashback at no cost to you, to automatically donate to the Knights of Heroes Foundation!

Simply designate Knights of Heroes as your charity when shopping, and Giving Assistant will donate to KOH.

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koh needs

As the KOH programs continue to grow, we have an increasing need for equipment to serve our participants. If you are interested in purchasing one of these items for the program, please contact Steve Harrold.

Item                                             Estimated Cost     
15-Winter Sleeping Pads             $3,000

June Mini-Camp Sponsorship    $6,000

Fall Retreat Sponsorship            $10,200

Contact Steve Harrold

KOH participant camping gear during a winter retreat

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Most workplaces have a program for non-profit giving or incentives for volunteering. Whether it's matching donations or earning through reporting volunteer hours, programs such as Benevity are great ways to support KOH programs.